Mindful Wellness


Why Yoga?


A wellness practice that dates back several millennia, yoga is a deeply meditative and spiritual form of exercise. Although spiritual at heart, yoga is a paradox in that it’s also incredibly physical. It’s relaxing, yet deeply challenging. It requires intense concentration while also clearing your mind.

Yoga is unique to the world of exercise as it improves every area of one’s fitness: flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. Usually these aspects have to be worked alone, but with yoga, every aspect of fitness is joined together. Whether you’ve been a yoga practitioner for years, or you’re just starting out and want to see what the craze is about, we have every accessory you need to take your next step into wellness, one deep breath at a time.


Enjoy the Heat

The legendary sidekick of every yogi’s Hot Yoga session, our microfiber yoga towels offer a soft and absorptive upgrade to any Hot Yoga, Bikram, or Pilates session, keeping the earth under your feet dry while you stay drenched.


Solid Building Blocks

Better equipment achieves better results. Our high density foam yoga blocks with beveled edges give you the balance and reach you need to master the most difficult poses. Sometimes, being stretched is a good thing.


Longevity Lengthened

Reach beyond your limits. Our 8-foot, premium quality strap will stretch you past old plateaus. Yoga may be a stationary activity, but you should never settle for where you’re at. Higher levels are waiting.


Premium Practice Makes Perfect


Our premium 8-piece yoga set kit is packed with everything you need to start your own yoga journey: 1 extra-thick, non-slip yoga mat, 2 high-density EVA foam yoga blocks, 2 microfiber Hot Yoga towels (medium and large), 1 stretching strap, and a complimentary carrying strap. You’ll also receive a bonus instructional DVD—a gift from us to you. All our products are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring optimal performance at every level.

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Levoit Premium Yoga Blocks


Levoit Yoga Mat


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Purple)

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Exercise Puzzle Mat (Blue)


Levoit Premium Yoga Towels

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Levoit Premium Microfiber Yoga Towel Set


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Rose Red)


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Cyan Blue)


Levoit Foam Roller


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Multicolor)


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Pink)


Levoit Yoga Knee Pad Cushion


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Black)


Exercise Puzzle Mat (Yellow)