Yoga Block Poses


Yoga blocks are an exercise tool with a lot of benefits and creative uses. Their primary function is to help you perform Yoga poses that you may not have the flexibility for. They can also help you go deeper into your stretches, assist in unique ways to perform certain exercises, and provide support for your head, lower back, and hips.

There are three angles/levels of support with the blocks. Stand them up long-ways for the most help. Lay them flat on the widest side for the least help. You can place them on their sides for a medium, intermediate level of help.


Position Assistance

Let’s start with the main use: helping you get into Yoga positions. The Levoit Yoga Blocks are incredibly firm, so they’re able to support your entire body weight. Whenever you would touch the ground with your hands, simply place the Yoga block where your hand would go, and viola, you’ve just gained 4-8 inches of assistance.

The Yoga block is particularly helpful for standing sequences like Triangle or Revolved Triangle.