We always say we want fresh air, but…


What do we actually do about it?


“Spring break” was more of a college thing. You had a week off for Palm Springs, and you couldn’t care less about practicing self-care and mindful downtime.


So we have five tips for you, busy and productive individuals. Dedicate some zen to your current routine with this freshness reality check. Where do you lie with your answers to these questions?


Do you actually inhale wrongly when you take a deep breath?
Are you aware of how your bones affect your breathing?
What do others do to practice mindfulness, anyway?


We’ve combined research and personal experience to present five quick and very doable tips. Care for your lungs; in turn, care for the totality of your being:


1. You might be inhaling wrong.




Someone tells you to take a deep breath. Take note: How does your tummy behave? When many “breathe deeply”, they end up sucking in their stomachs—and that actually shows your lungs have not been filled.


2. Even more importantly, try to think about exhaling throughout your day.



Wellness experts say the exhale is actually most important. Ever exhaled all the way out? If not, you might be harboring bad, stale air. The area around your ribs should actually narrow.


3. Breathe with your bones.




How your bones sit affects how your brain causes you to breathe; a relaxed posture keeps your nervous system running smoothly. A tense one, not so much. Link to Huffington Post article


4. Plug in to check out.




Set your phone timer (3-5 minutes), airplane-mode it, flip it over, and dedicate that time to a breathing break. We believe you can spare three minutes!


5. Substitute the scroll!




In similar fashion, try to catch when your thumb settles into that mindless swiping rhythm. Why not willfully replace that with a mindfulness exercise?


6. Don’t settle for bad oxygen.




We can’t always choose which environment to be in, but why not control the air we breathe? Dozens of studies show that the troubles we shrug off things as “allergies” or insomnia are just due to not-so-fresh air. Our strong suggestion? (Try not to be surprised, knowing this comes from a passionate home + wellness company.) Get a dependable air purifier. Maybe one that can even fit under your desk at work.


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