5 Ways to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home

by Noelle Beaugureau


1. Declutter



Clearing out things use don't use on a daily basis will create more energy flow in your home.  Our mind is affected by our environment so the cleaner & more organized your space is, the more at peace you will feel.  One of the practices of Yoga is Saucha, the first niyama, and it translates to cleanliness.  Being consistent with cleansing the body, mind, spirit & living space is a sign of respect to your life’s path.


2. Bring Nature Indoors



Bringing in Plants, stones, and things found in nature will breathe life into your space.  Salt Lamps & their earthy essence will add the perfect touch of nature to your space.  These items will help to clean the air in your home and provide a tranquil environment to restore and reset your soul.


3. Create a Meditation/Altar Space



Creating a space in your home for meditation, reflection and contemplation will help to bring in the energy of spirituality.  It can be a corner in a room, a small table or even a separate room.  A comfortable pillow or chair to sit on, and a few items that inspire you is all you need!  This can be the space you use daily or whenever you feel the need to ground and re-center yourself.  Add the glow of a salt lamp and you are ready for deep peace & serenity!


4. Clear the Energy



Burning Sage or Palo Santo can help to energetically cleanse your space and bring in healing properties.  Open all of your windows and front door for a few minutes as well to create even more energy flow.


5. Use Calming Colors



Our minds and spirits are deeply affected by color.  Adding calming colors to your home will make it a haven away from the outside world.  Calming Blues & Greens, neutrals, lavender shades and glowing candles and salt lamps will do the trick!

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