Levoit Essential Oil Set


100% Pure Grade Quality: This 6-set of Levoit essential oils is made from plants, extracted by distillation, and highly concentrated. No additives. Safe to use, and 100% pure grade quality!

Set of 6 Scents: Each 10 mL bottle contains a popular essential oil. Featuring Lavender, Tea Tree, Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

Drop by Drop: The bottle releases oil in individual drops so you get the right amount each time. Avoid spilling or pouring too much of your essential oils.

An Oil For Everything: Use essential oils in your diffuser or humidifier, for aromatherapy, during a massage, home care/cleaning, and more. For external use only. If used on the body topically, make sure to dilute.

Refreshing in Every Space: Enjoy reinvigorating your home/office. Essential oils can help create fragrant atmospheres that feel energized and focused, or soothing and calming. Try one at a time or mix recipes for virtually endless uses and benefits!

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Instantly energizing. Stimulating and purifying. Add a fresh and sweet zing to the air, or use it to help clean surfaces.


Prop up your feet and clear your mind. Breathe in deep and get the sense that your airways are being cleared and opened.


Try a refreshing boost as you breathe! It can even help repel bugs when used around the home.


Simultaneously citrusy and smoky. Off-putting to insects, yet relaxing to you.