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5 to 8 lb


Levoit Kana
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


Everything is thoughtfully designed—from the best hand-selected Himalayan salt crystals, to the dimmable touch-control cord, to our safety certifications (the power cable is UL-listed, FCC & ROHS approved). The base design isn’t undersized or overlooked as are many on the market, so whether you choose from this Levoit salt lamp series or another, it’s sure to be a mindful and chic fit in your space. To back all this up: There’s also a 1-year warranty, plus lifetime Levoit customer support.


Download: User Manual




Relax and unwind with the class-leading Kana Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp from Levoit. Not only does it help boost your mood, it features a high-quality and durable wooden base.


We hand-select each natural Himalayan salt crystal for the best color, shape, and clarity so that every lamp can produce a soothing amber glow.


Our salt lamp comes equipped with an intuitive touch-controlled dimmer switch to easily adjust the lamp’s brightness.


Each salt lamp comes vacuum-sealed in a decorative box that is gift-ready—the ideal gift for family, friends, and co-workers.


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