Humidifiers that won’t let home run dry.


How does a humidifier help?


Humidity refers to the amount of atmospheric water vapor, and humidifiers are devices that increase it. Indoor humidity levels should ideally remain between 30 and 50%, according to the Mayo Clinic. Levels can be monitored with a device called a hygrometer, and many humidifiers have them built in. Humidifiers are generally more necessary during the winter, when atmospheric humidity levels are low. Additionally, heating systems help keep our families well and warm, but as they’re in use, they unfortunately dry the air out.


Alleviate Dry Skin

Dry air can lead to dry, itchy skin and irritated eyes. Relieve these symptoms by humidifying your home or office.



Not only does the humidifier provide great health benefits for you and your family, it can also help keep houseplants, wooden floors, and furniture in good condition.



Running a humidifier as you rest helps take care of dry nasal passages, which can often prevent you from comfortably falling asleep.