Boho Chic Series



Same highest-quality authentic Himalayan salt. Sophisticated and durable wooden base that won’t shrink. Crack-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant. It’s a brand new, beautiful line. Introducing the Boho Chic Series.

Meet Kana, Elana, and Athena.


Salt that Soothes

A salt lamp’s soothing glow is visible and evident. On the invisible end, negative ions are released to eat up harmful ions (e.g., carbon dioxide molecules from radiation).


Selected with Care

We hand-select the best Himalayan salt crystals for clarity, shape, and color to ensure your salt lamp emits a clear, soothing amber glow.


A Solid Base

This line features a stylish yet durable wood base that won’t shrink and which is termite-resistant, crack-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Solid.


Touch Control

Easy and precise customization with a patented design; brighten or dim by simply touching your finger to the touch-control cord.


Commitment to Quality

The UL-listed power cable means you can have peace of mind leaving your salt lamp on for long periods of time. We stand behind our products. Levoit was not part of the recent mass recall, so you can count on enjoying holistic benefits worry-free.


Recapping the Boho Chic Series


Highest quality salt crystals.

Source matters. The purest and least polluted salt source on earth is the Himalayas, especially in mines on the Pakistani side. Levoit certifiably sources from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

Sizable and most durable wood base.

Bases should not only look good--they should be substantial enough to support the crystal, and durable enough to avoid shrinkage, cracks, corrosion, even termites.


Detailed, down to the wire.

We took care not to detract from the lamp’s beauty with an awkwardly designed switch. Simply touch a finger to the dimmer cord, and it can glow bright or dim down.

Serious quality and safety commitment.

You may have heard of a recent recall for many salt lamps on the recall. Levoit has not been involved in any of the recent recalls. Our cord is UL-certified.


Stylish enough to fit in anywhere.

Enjoy its calming and soothing ambience, with no need to tuck it away just because guests are coming over. It’s naturally a work of art.