11 to 15 lb


Levoit Athena
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


Everything is thoughtfully designed—from the best hand-selected Himalayan salt crystals, to the dimmable touch-control cord, to our safety certifications (the power cable is UL-listed, FCC & ROHS approved). The base design isn’t undersized or overlooked, so whether you choose from this Levoit salt lamp series or another, it’s sure to be a mindful and chic fit in your space. To back all this up: There’s also a 1-year warranty, plus lifetime Levoit customer support.


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Relax and unwind with the class-leading Athena Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp from Levoit. Not only does it help boost your mood, it features a high-quality and durable wooden base.


We hand-select each natural Himalayan salt crystal for the best color, shape, and clarity so that every lamp can produce a soothing amber glow.


Our salt lamp comes equipped with an intuitive touch-controlled dimmer switch to easily adjust the lamp’s brightness.


Each salt lamp comes vacuum-sealed in a decorative box that is gift-ready—the ideal gift for family, friends, and co-workers.


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