LV455CH Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

LV455CH Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 4.5 liters for 40 hours of use: The large capacity water tank can hold 4.5L of water and support up to 40 hours of continuous use! Mist output can reach up to 250 ml/hour and cover normal size room.

  • Displays exact humidity: a sensor, included on the cord, diligently reads the environment to gauge accurate humidity levels. Check the LED display to easily find out the relative humidity (%RH).

  • Adjustable mist levels: customize your mist with the humidifier different options! Select a humidity level (30–80%RH), a mist level (from 1 to 4), or auto mode, all with one touch.

  • Convenient auto mode: want your humidifier to do the thinking and work with your environment? Auto mode adjusts mist output based on %RH feedback from the sensor to keep your room comfortable.

  • Instant aromatherapy: open the aroma box and drop in essential oils to create a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Quiet operation: Ultrasonic air diffusion keeps things whisper-quiet—it produces less than 40dB of noise.

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  • Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz

  • Rated Power: 30W

  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.1 g / 4.5 L

  • Moisture Output

    • Mode 1: 100 mL/h

    • Mode 2: 150 mL/h

    • Mode 3: 200 mL/h

    • Mode 4: 300 mL/h

  • Operation Time

    • Mode 1: 40 hrs

    • Mode 2: 25 hrs

    • Mode 3: 20 hrs

    • Mode 4: 15 hrs


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