LV110WP Water Filter Pitcher

LV110WP Water Filter Pitcher

  • EFFECTIVE MULTI-LAYER FILTER: 4-stage filtration (Upper Micro Net, Silver Activated Carbon, Ion-Exchange Resin, and Lower Micro Net) removes pesticides, odors, heavy metals, suspended particles, and 98% of chlorine. Beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium are kept, while bacterial growth is prevented

  • ELECTRONIC FILTER INDICATOR: The lid's timer/indicator tells you the percentage/days remaining on your filter cartridge. Replace after 60 days of use, or after filtering 40 US gal / 150 L. Pause the indicator and remove the cartridge if not in use for a while

  • FILTER RESTRICTOR CAPS: Levoit's unique filter cartridges let you adjust filtration speed. Rotate the caps (located on the bottom of the cartridge) to the "+" or "–" position to get either faster or more thorough filtration. Remove the caps completely for the fastest filtration speed

  • REDUCE WASTE: Every filter cartridge produces 40 US gal / 150 L of water—the equivalent of 320 disposable 16-oz water bottles! Stay mindful of the environment with a convenient and easily refillable alternative

  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY FOR FREE: Every Levoit product comes with a 1-year buyer's assurance (with a free option to extend it by 1 more year). Enjoy friendly and responsive help from our customer support team in Southern California!

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