• Best Practices In Mind. Alleviate and prevent knee pain, elbow pain, wrist pain. Practice optimally and without distraction. Make you feel more comfortable during your exercise and can be used as a extender for your Yoga mat

  • Sized To Comfort. At 24” x 10” x 1” (25mm), our knee pad cushion runs the thickest for extra comfort. It’s perfectly suitable for Yoga, Pilates or other ground-based exercise routines

  • High Quality Materials Only. Made of lightweight and portable EVA high density foam, which is durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is better than other NBR foam, it is water-proof and easy to clean with soap and water

  • Multiple Uses. It can also be used for non-yoga purposes such as pilates, ab rollers; daily exercises and general workouts; Savasana; praying; stretching; meditation; working outdoors or gardening; cleaning floors; seat cushioning

  • Details That Count. 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support from Levoit Yoga Essentials

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